About Our Church

Church History

It was 1938, the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a few Baptized believers under the spiritual guidance of Rev. S. M. Hansberry organized Ebenezer Baptist Church at 3333 Holman Avenue.  In 1940 Rev. Hansberry bought a lot at 3347 Holman Avenue and built its first church home. In October of 1942, Rev. S. M. Hansberry was called to be the under shepherd of a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  December 20, 1942 after much prayer to the Lord, the church called Rev. G. H. Shedd as their Pastor.  During the first Sunday in March, 1953, the church moved to 3032 Hadley Street where the church name was changed to St. Paul Missionary Baptist August 9, 1968, under Rev. G. H. Shedd’s leadership, the church moved to 6531 Beekman Road. At this time the church was then re-named Greater St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church. After 37 years of leadership and doing God’s will on June 10, 1979, the Lord said, “Well done thy good and faithful servant” and called home the beloved Rev. G. H. Shedd.
On Monday, August 27, 1979, The Lord said to Rev. Malcolm S. Williams, my servant Shedd is at rest, now therefore; go and lead my people.  Be strong and of good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whither you go. Sunday, March 16, 1986, during the morning service, (1:20 P.M.) Rev. M. S. Williams announced to the waiting congregation his resignation as Pastor of Greater St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church and requested that the church pray for him. Tuesday, August 19, 1986, at 8:30 P.M., Rev. Willie Ray Davis was called to lead the people of Greater St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church. After 20 years of leadership and service, on Sunday, December 10, 2006, Rev. Willie Ray Davis announced his resignation to the congregation and proceeded to give the Chairman of the Deacon Board a letter and requested that it be accepted. His last day of service to Greater St. Paul’s would be December 31, 2006.  
In January 2007, the Board of Directors assumed the responsibilities of overseeing the duties of church administrative management, the continuity of worship services and Christian education endeavors. Along with the faithful service of the Associate Ministerial staff The Board of Directors adopted the theme “A New Beginning of Building God’s Kingdom”.. For eleven months they worked tirelessly alongside Reverends Walter Tibbs, Marilyn Mitchell, Felix Joseph, Walter Conley, Otierre Lawson, Warren Ray, Minister Mary Ray, Carolyn Rowe and Leroy Thomas, Jr.  The Leadership’s commitment to serve was never more evident and fulfilling during this difficult time. Through much prayer and fasting and fasting and much prayer, the church continued to let the church be the church.  A total of 11 months of “prayer weeks” through the leadership of Deacon L.D. Williams was held.  After 6 months of the pastoral select process, the church was commissioned to select by voting for a new Spiritual Leader. God blessed us with the guidance and vision of our very own Reverend Warren W. Ray.
On February 10th of 2008, Reverend Ray was installed as our new Pastor and Leader.  That was and still is a great day of jubilation and celebration.  This Mighty Man of God has been an inspiration and a blessing to this Great Church. Through God’s help and Reverend Ray’s Leadership we have overcome several challenges.